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Specific privacy notices

Eurowag have also adopted more Specific privacy notices that supplement and precise this Eurowag group privacy notice, such as employee privacy notices, mobile app privacy notices or CCTV privacy notices at our premises. Supplementary privacy notices should be read in conjunction with this Group Privacy Notice as they apply together.

  • Aldobec Techologies s.r.o. (SK)

  • CVS Mobile


  • Princip a.s.

  • KomTeS

KomTeS Chrudim (CZ)

KomTeS SK s.r.o.

  • Inello group

  • Sygic

  • WebEye Group

WebEye BG

WebEye Deutschland GmbH

WebEye CZ s.r.o.

WebEye Hrvatska d.o.o.

WebEye Slovakia s.r.o.

MyWebEye Iberia, Lda.

Webeye International d.o.o.

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